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Stryhunivska, Olena

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    Digital Photogrammetry and CAD/BIM Technology in Reconstruction of Computer Models for Concept of Virtual Factory
    (Wydawnictwa AGH, 2023) Stryhunivska, Olena
    This research article aims to check the feasibility of combining digital photogrammetry and CAD/BIM technology in an effort to develop a 3D digital model for the concept of Virtual Factory. The main objective of this research is the evaluation and continuous improvement of all of the relevant processes of creating spatial layout planning. During the research, a 3D floor plan of a laboratory was created to find matching common features for these methods. The article presents a comparative analysis of the time that is needed to create a spatial layout in which one can see exactly where each particular element is placed in the spatial arrangement of a point-to-point montage. On this ground, one of the key elements that determines the success of a design result is the effectiveness of the design process. Furthermore, the article indicates the scope of possibilities for using modern photogrammetric techniques for inventory building interiors and compare the speed of the measurement processing using PhotoModeler Scanner and ArchiCAD software.